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Sonshine Preschool

Full information about Sonshine Preschool — 17922 149th Street Southeast, Monroe, Washington 98272 Washington 98272

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17922 149th Street Southeast,
Monroe, Washington

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+1 360-794-7953



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    I had my child here and enjoyed what my kid got out of it. Teachers are loving and caring. I believe they do a fantastic job with the kids. My complaint and it’s a strong complaint is the front office staff. Fran and especially Kelly. The way they handled situations and the way they communicated at times made me cringe. Over the school year it got to a point where I was dreading dropping my school off because of Kelly. Very rarely do I have issues with people, but for some reason this person always seemed to have a better than you attitude and always seemed to have a snarky remark to basic questions. The pastor Dale is very friendly, warm and welcoming. He shows he cares about the kids and each person walking in. This is the opposite of what I felt from the ladies who run the front desk opporations. I am hugely disappointed because it’s not what I expect from a church. I hope this review helps stir a change of the culture these two versus turns people away from the school. The school itself is really great and I recommend it.
    By Shane Dalton, August 07, 2017
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